PhoneGap / Cordova Icon and Splashscreen generator

Are you using Adobe's PhoneGap or Apache's Cordova to create awesome iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web apps?
In our journey to create these apps we came across a small hiccup; app icons and splashscreens.
There litterely are a ton of different files and settings required for each of these platforms.
Thats why we created a tool to generate all the different files for us.

The tool is free for you to use and we hope you're finding it useful.
Feel free to share the love and enjoy building PhoneGap (Cordova) apps.

Latest supported PhoneGap Version: 8.0.0


We are happy to announce that we generated 42k zip files for 28k unique developers from all over the world!

28.000 developers made happy
42.000 compressed zip files served
2.000.000 images cropped

1. Input

Upload your file(s).

Download example PSD file

  1. Upload .png files for best result
  2. Do not use transparency in your images
  3. Do not round off your images, this is not necessary
  4. Recommended minimal resolution for icon is 1024px x 1024px
  5. Recommended minimal resolution for splash is 2208px x 2208px

2. Download your files

Download and extract the files.

3. Configure your app

Configure your main config.xml file.

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